Property Descriptions That Make A House, A Home

Writing good property descriptions

Creating The Perfect Property Descriptions Selling a house takes more then a lawn sign and an MLS listing! Ok, maybe that sounds a bit sarcastic and it probably is. That’s because I’ve read hundreds of property descriptions and 95% of them suck!! It’s not that hard to make a house a home with professional photos and…

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Facebook For Real Estate Agents…3 Tips For Facebook Users!

3 Reasons Realtors® Should Use Facebook

  If you are a real estate agent and your not on Facebook…you really need to read this post. If you ARE on Facebook ask yourself a question. Are  you using Facebook to your greatest advantage? If you just got a puzzled look on your face and thought…What does he mean by that?…Please keep reading! Here are…

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Creating Virtual Tours For Your Single Property Website

Site2Sold-How to use video on a single property website image

Add Virtual Tours To Your Single Property Website What if you could take the pictures from your listing and turn them into an awesome virtual tour on your single property website? The benefits of using You Tube to post your listings is amazing…. You Tube is the second largest search engine to google!  Adding a video to a single property…

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