Facebook For Real Estate Agents…3 Tips For Facebook Users!

3 Reasons Realtors® Should Use Facebook


If you are a real estate agent and your not on Facebook…you really need to read this post. If you ARE on Facebook ask yourself a question. Are  you using Facebook to your greatest advantage? If you just got a puzzled look on your face and thought…What does he mean by that?…Please keep reading! Here are 3 big reasons you should be on Facebook…

1. Facebook Has Incredible Reach

With 1.3 billion users, I think it would be fair to say Facebook has a small advantage over most other social media platforms. Lets start with some statistics. The average person on Facebook has 190 friends last time I checked…So what does this mean for you as a real estate agent? Let’s do the math… If you write a cool, sharable and engaging post on Facebook and 10 of your friends shares that post, you have effectively reached 1900 people! For FREE! Tell me, where can you get that kind of exposure for free. Once you create a single property website with Site2Sold you have a great opportunity to get FREE exposure by posting it up on Facebook!

2. Facebook Can Keep  You Top of Mind

How many times have you heard the guru’s say you have to let people know what you do? I am sure you have heard the story about the Realtor® who has a friend or family member that listed their house with someone else. Often if you had the nerve to ask why they listed the home with another agent (after your done throwing a fit) It’s likely they would say…”Oh, sorry I forgot you had your license.” When it comes time for your friends or family to buy or sell a home, you want them to think of you. Not because every other post was a real estate post, but because you subtly put it out there and provided fun engaging posts that made them smile, laugh, cry…etc, mixed in with some of your listing and quality real estate based articles. The goal is to build an online relationship on social media by engaging your Facebook friends and using Facebook to build awareness.

3. Facebook Can Help You Grow And Nurture Your List.

Just by consistently posting good content on Facebook you can nurture your list and help get the word out there, but how do you grow your list on Facebook. As we had mentioned in the first point, every Facebook user has about 190 friends and some have a lot more. That being said here are a few ways to grow your list and get more people into your sphere of influence to coin an industry term.

Facebook For Real Estate Agents Action Steps

  • Create a Facebook Page. If you don’t already have a Business Page on Facebook you should put one together. It’s really easy to do and there are a few additional features on a page that you can utilize to effectively build out your list. (Figure 1)
  • Consistently post good quality, emotionally charged and engaging posts. Take advantage of Facebook’s algorithms and what they call “EdgeRank” by getting people to like and share your posts.
  • Deliver posts that are 80% sharable non-real estate and 20% real estate such as your listings or a picture of a sold sign for one of your properties.
  • Use the features available on your Facebook Page such as custom apps combined with an auto responder such as Aweber, Get Response, or Mailchimp to help get people on your newsletter or automatic listing updates. (Figure 2)

Figure 1-Create A Page Create Facebook Page   Figure 2-Use Custom Apps/Tabs Facebook Apps   You can use Facebook as yourself or you can create a Facebook Page for your real estate business. Pages are a great opportunity for real estate agents to market effectively, but like most things Facebook, these have seen some big changes recently. In January of this year Facebook made algorithm changes that dramatically reduced the number of eyeballs that would see your business page (if you have one).

If you wrote a good post or shared a cool picture, quote, etc. before January, you had about a 20% chance of getting your post to show up in the news feed organically using your business page. If more people liked or shared your post, the higher this percentage could get. Now that number is closer to 3-5% in recent studies.

Many top marketers are indicating that you must pay to play on Facebook in order to get seen. The days of free advertising are over for Facebook…or are they?

You have to agree that as a real estate agent, most of the people you do business with are in your “sphere of influence.” This means that they should be on your “friends list” on Facebook. My point here is that you don’t need to worry as much about reaching hordes of new people to spread your word (although this would be beneficial.) You only need to work with the circle you have and try to grow your reach through effective and regular posts.

To Summarize…Facebook for Real Estate Agents

The basic rule of thumb her is to share cool quotes, fun pictures and go out of your way to create good posts that people will appreciate, like and share. Don’t hammer the snot out of your friends with real estate posts, unless of course you want to annoy the heck out of your friends. Facebook pages have some really cool and powerful features such as custom apps the little tabs to bottom right hand side of your cover image (see screenshot). As a marketer these apps or tabs were the best kept secret and they still are really. Our Site2Sold app is set up through a company called LeadPages.net, a paid platform where you can create opt-in pages, landing pages, webinar pages, thank you pages, etc., but you don’t need to run out and spend money to create custom tabs on Facebook though. You can find free app creation tools such as Thunder Penny or if you are already using an email service like Aweber to create your newsletters, you can add an opt-in form like I did on my partners Facebook page.  We offer to send the latest listings in exchange for an email. Aweber has a simple Facebook integration that puts the tab right on your page. This is a simple and highly effective way to capture leads. There are great free resources online such as… Michael Stelzner over at Social Media Examiner (he covers everything social) and of course like myself…just jump on YouTube and you will certainly find a lot of free resources over there. There is a great post over at SocialSprout on this topic here…http://sproutsocial.com/insights/realtors-use-facebook/ Here’s another one at TabSite.com  If you want to take your Facebook to the next level and try out a product that I have used you can go check out… Amy Porterfield’s FB Influence for $97. This is a kick butt training program and how I learned everything I know about Facebook.   So what are you doing with Facebook…share your ideas and thoughts below. If you found this article useful please share it with your fellow Realtors®


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    Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Want more.

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    Reply Reply December 17, 2014

    Found your site on Google. This is a cool post. I’d like to see you take the main idea from this article and crteae another second article, and maybe you could embed a vid, also?

    • site2sold

      Reply Reply December 17, 2014

      If you would like to learn more about Facebook marketing and advertising you can check out my latest project over at http://www.fblocal.net. It will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook marketing for your real estate business. It’s a complete video training course and there is a free 3 part video series. It covers how to set up your page and create your first advertisement on Facebook…

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