Creating Virtual Tours For Your Single Property Website

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Add Virtual Tours To Your Single Property Website

What if you could take the pictures from your listing and turn them into an awesome virtual tour on your single property website?

The benefits of using You Tube to post your listings is amazing….

You Tube is the second largest search engine to google! 

Adding a video to a single property website  you have created with Site2Sold is super easy and very effective.

You Tube takes your little video and converts it to a mobile friendly movie that is ready to be played on almost any device.

Thanks to the wonders of technology you can now put together a quick  montage of pictures in a video format, add a little music, some text throughout to highlight rooms and VOLIA! You’re done…

Steph and I have been taking video very seriously in the last few months.We’ve discovered that there are many options available for our iPhones and iPad. These small devices pack a big punch when it comes to creating media to post on your personal website, as well as a single property site.

It’s not just the iPhones either. Many phones can be used to create sharp, effective videos as well. A quick walk through a listing can be recorded to your phone. Then edit the video with apps available for your phone or even in You Tube. Did you know that you can edit a movie right in You Tube? How cool is that!

It doesn’t matter if you are a Mac user (some small advantages), a PC/Android user, or even a Blackberry user…you can create good quality pictures and videos with any of these sleek and powerful tools. You can also use some inexpensive flip cameras and cam corders. These small point and shoot cameras are almost all HD and will download directly to You Tube.

Recommended Software To Make Your Virtual Tours

For the Mac users there is iMovie (free) and for those that want something a bit more advanced there is ScreenFlow which can be purchased through Apple for about  $99.

For the PC lovers there is Movie Maker (free) that comes installed on almost all Windows computers. For those looking for an inexpensive, but very effective alternative, my favourite would be Sony Vegas 10 or 11. I purchased version 10 for $49 online through Sony. I recently purchased a Mac and I now use ScreenFlow. I have to say it kicks butt for $99.

All you really need to get started is a recording device and a computer with free easy to use software AND lets not forget that there is a video editor built right into You Tube. A little disclaimer…I haven’t used it, but I heard that it gets the job done.

If you want to go even a step further with video in your real estate business, my hours of research into the “whose-who” of marketing with video, has sent me in many directions. When the dust settled or should I say when the Visine made my eyes stop bleeding, I came up with one clear leader for learning online video marketing that applies directly to real estate…or any business for that matter.

Mr James Wedmore was a clear winner in the battle with his inexpensive Video Traffic Academy. At only $97 his video course has to be one of the best bangs for the buck. Even if you are a complete technophobe his training blows everything out of the water. I myself (even though I think of myself as a bit of a video aficionado) purchased this product. It was a game changer. It’s not only a “how-to” for the video, he also covers using video to promote your business. Real estate is no exception.

filmic-pro-thumbsI will add one more little nugget that I discovered recently…more by accident. There is a little app for the iPhone called Filmic Pro. This $5 app turns your iPhone into a high end video capturing device. Some claim that the extreme setting is better than a Canon 5D. That’s a pretty big claim for a small little iPhone. I’ll leave that one for you to decide.

Here is a really cool video about using your iPhone to record a movie from the guys over at Film Riot. You will be shaking your head when you see what this crazy device can do with a few tweaks. Check it out HERE!

For now I would say get to it!!!

What are you waiting for get filming or at least take the pictures you have and turn them into a cool little video and get it on You Tube. Start getting out there more…How can you sell houses to people that have no idea who you are?!

If you like this article share it with a friend or leave a comment below. What are you using in your business to take pictures or video?…Let us know!


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